Terms and Conditions

Diving / Snorkeling

Our after COVID-19 summer season start on the 14th of June and finishes on late October. PLEASE, before you book, contact us by WhatsApp, or Messenger or Viber, or by phone at +30 6944295830 and if in case we don’t answer your phone call, send us a text message, and we will call/answer back to you, as soon as we have internet connection.

Please be aware that this is a mixed diving and snorkelling private or semi private tour on a dive boat.

In order to be able to depart with the boat, there must be at least 4 divers on board, in exception of a private trip.

Diving /snorkeling trips and certification courses may be cancelled or rescheduled due to the weather conditions that are not suitable for marine sports activities, such as high waves and strong winds. Dive sites are picked daily based on weather and sea conditions, your safety and the safety of our staff is paramount in our operation. If your requested dive site is unavailable due to weather we will do our best to find a suitable alternative for you.

Our captain /diving instructors make decision about the selection of the dive sites and/or cancellation of the diving trips. In making decisions, we regard yours and our own safety as the most important.

Liamis Dive Centre will endeavor to adhere to the scheduled itinerary, but reserve the right to alter the proposed itinerary or cancel the trip. Trip itineraries are subject to change at the sole discretion of the Captain of the Vessel.


  • Before you book, PLEASE, contact us for availabilities and wheather conditions.
  • Our boat is in Kos harbour, 50 meters away from the dolphins round about. We depart every day apart Sunday at 10:00 at the morning for the island of Pserimos where we perform diving, snorkeling and in general we enjoy the sun and the sea. We are back at around 17:00 at the evening.
  • Recommendations for flying after Scuba Diving: For 1 dive in a day the  pre-flight time is 12 hours, For multiple dives in a day the pre-flight time is 18 hours and more.
  • We require 24 hour advance notice for cancellations and/or changes to your diving schedule. This can be done via SMS or by phoning (+30) 6944295830. All changes are subject to availability.

Cancellation policy

  • Cancellation due to the weather condition, mechanical or medical reasons that the boat does not leave port – full refund of deposit less credit card transaction fee.
  • In the event that a trip is delayed, or cut short due to weather, mechanical breakdowns, or medical emergency, fees will not be refunded. We will not be held financially responsible for an alternative trip or accommodation, any inconvenience incurred, or for adverse weather conditions or illness as a result.
  • The sailing of Liamis Dive boat is unconfirmed until minimum numbers are booked. Liamis Dive Centre will try to offer another boat of the same standard. If no alternative boat is available then we will reschedule your day’s diving or a full refund of deposit less credit card transaction fee will be issued.
  • For circumstances beyond the customers control such as canceled or delayed flights an attempt to reschedule will be made or a full refund of deposit less credit card transaction fee will be issued.
  • If you decide not to embark on our boat and dive, cause of your personal considerations to the weather conditions, then we will try to change your dive days if your schedule permits, however we can’t guarantee you’ll be able to change the dive days and if we can’t, fees will not be refunded.
  • Cancellations received the same day to the departure of the activity booked, or make a no show (failure to arrive) can cause a cancellation of our day’s trip. Fees will not be refunded.
  • Rainy or cloudy weather are no valid reasons for cancellation by client, fees will not be refunded.
  • Divers who fail to dive due to seasickness or other causes are responsible for the cost of their day’s diving.
  • Liamis Dive Centre reserves the right to apply an appropriate surcharge to its prices should economic changes (such as exchange rate, fuel prices etc.) make a material difference to its pricing structure.
  • A minimum of 14 days’ notice will be given before such a surcharge becomes effective.
  • If the surcharge results in an increase of 10% or more to the price of the dive package/course then cancellation with a full refund will be allowed. Notification of the intention to cancel must be made within 14 days of the notification of the surcharge.

Qualified divers

  • Cancellation for any EANx/NITROX tanks must be received within 48 hours prior to boarding the boat. Failure to do so will incur a charge of 50% of the total cost of the rental.
  • If you already paid for multiple dives for a day (2 dives) and decided to do less dives (at the dive site), you do not get refund.
  • If for any reason you decide not to make all the dives of your chosen diving package on any particular day we cannot refund partial dive days.

Certification Courses

    • If the weather condition does not allow us to have calm shallow water, we may use a pool designed for diving training for your Confined Water training sessions. If the sea conditions are not good enough for Open Water training, your training dives will be rescheduled.
    • We do not refund your course fee if you decided to drop out from your certification course after it has started. When paying for a course you do not pay for certification, you pay for training- you must meet the requirements for your particular course to earn certification. It is possible to fail a course; failure does not qualify you for a refund.
    • Your instructor will determine if you can get certified or not, judging how you are meeting the requirements for your particular course (skill demonstration, comfort level in the water, and total dive skills) and your score on written examination and quizzes.
    • If you do not follow your instructors’ directions, or if you cannot successfully demonstrate the skills that meet the requirement, you may not get certified. If you disagree with your instructor’s evaluation of your diving skills you can request a reevaluation by the Training Director or another Instructor. All students who do not earn certification in a course will be provided with a written explanation of why they were not certified.
    • If you require additional training (more than one day) to meet the minimum requirements, we reserve the right to charge for these additional days.
    • If the diving dates on courses need to be changed, and alternatives dates are not suitable, you will only be charged for the proportion of the course you have completed. For more details, check in our dive center on arrival.

COVID-19 precautions

  • We have increased the frequency of boat and diving equipment cleaning, sanitization and disinfection according the directions of W.H.O., E.O.D.Y., Greek government and Divers Alert Network.
  • We are running education sessions on the importance of good hygiene to our crew members and even to our guests.
  • Where possible, we have reduced overlap between our services – some of our services are not offered for this summer season.
  • We will avoid any activities that place people in close proximity to others for extended periods, for this reason for this season, we have adapted our programmes and services, for this season. To ensure crew members and guests maintain distance, we have limited our boat capacity to max. 12 persons.
  • Guests will be required to answer a series of questions and have their temperatures taken before boarding.
  • Guests who present symptoms or are deemed at risk of infection (e.g. due to exposure to a Covid-19 patient in the 14 previous days) will be refused permission to board the boat.
  • Guests inside the boat will have to remain at a 1.5m distance from each other.
  • One person maximum will be allowed in inside cabin, except for families of up to 4 people, and people with disabilities traveling with companions.
  • We will limit our hours to 09:00-17:00 in order to allow for overnight cleaning and sanitization.
  • All crew members are required to have a face mask.
  • Crew members and guests will sanitize and disinfect shared services frequently
  • We encourage our customers to wear masks or facial coverings, wash/sanitize your hands before coming to our boat.

We are carefully monitoring the situation. The most important thing is to make sure we conduct our services in a safe environment.

If you have any questions that we have not covered, please feel free to contact us via email or, If you prefer to speak to someone in person, please call us at (+30)6944295830.