F.A.Q. – Spectators

4fae05be55be1_sun_deckQ. When does the dive boat depart?

Our boat “APOLLON” is situated in Kos Harbour very close to the dolphins roundabout. Our boat is open from 09:00 to check in passengers for our excursion. At 09:45 we request clearance from the Harbour Master and will depart at around 10:00.

Q. What do I need to bring with me on the excursion?

A jumper for the beginning and the end of season, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, a towel, a good pair of comfortable non-slip shoes (flip flops not advised). Extra money for snacks and refreshments and the optional extra facilities such as: snorkeling, T-shirts and Sweatshirts.

Q. How long is the journey to the dive site?

The journey to Pserimos Island is just 1 hour.

Q. Is lunch included?

No. But we have a fully stocked bar with a variety of sandwiches and snacks and cold drinks for sale at reasonable prices.

Q. What can I do all day?

You can relax on the boat in shaded or unshaded areas. You can snorkel (if you have your own equipment), swim, and sunbathe.

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