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How would this program be held?

We will have a brief counselling session in the morning to determine your skill level and comfort level of diving. You spend the first few minutes of the dive practicing basic scuba skills with your instructor, before continuing on a guided underwater tour.

  • Divers are accompanied by a dive master or Instructor as a dive guide
  • Maximum of 4 refresher divers per guide
  • Full briefing before every dive, covering safety and features of interest
  • Our dive boat carry emergency equipment
  • Divers are insured through Divers Alert Network (DAN) and 3rd party liability

Surface interval

During your surface interval between dives we will give you a new tank for your 2nd dive  and you will have enough time to relax, sunbathe or snorkel around the bay.

2nd dive. Enjoy a fun guided dive and explore a new dive site.

Dive details:

  • Dive time: 45+ minutes
  • Depth: +12 meters
  • Visibility: min. of 15 meters
  • Water temperature: May 19℃- 21℃, June 21℃ – 23℃, July 23℃ – 26℃ , August 25℃ – 27℃ , September 24℃ – 26℃.

Due to the unpredictably of weather and changing sea conditions scheduled dive sites may change on the day.

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