Rescue Diver Course

If you want a challenging and rewarding experience which will equip you not just with skills relevant to diving, but also to life in general, then the PADI Rescue Diver course is for you. Unlike other courses which certify you to experience new levels of diving, locations or use different equipment, the Rescue Diver course trains you to use the most important assets you have. Your mind and body.

What’s involved

  • Theory: The dive theory sessions consist of a video, completing/checking your theory answers in your book and then an exam.
  • Boat dives: 10 in-water exercises and 2 open water rescue scenarios
  • Performance based: All PADI courses are performance based. In other words you need to be able to complete each skill proficiently before we move on to the next one. For that reason we schedule the course for 5 days. This gives us time to get back in and do some more skills practice if required.

Here at Liamis Dive Centre, we give you many options in how you would like to complete your PADI course. After all, it is your vacation and we like to give you some flexibility. The course can be completed in as little as 4 days with the PADI touch course and up to 5 days with the standard course, there are differences in prices, too. Also, if you like to take a break you don’t have to complete the diving course in consecutive days if you’d like a little breather in between.

Option 1:

Padi Rescue Diver Course Standard.
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Option 2:

Padi Rescue Diver Course Lite

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Option 3:

Padi Rescue Diver Course Touch™

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Snacks and drinks on boat trips (payable on the boat). Money for: CD for your underwater photos, T-shirts, Sweatshirts.

Important Note

  • For your personal safety, all student divers must complete a medical statement prior to commencing a dive. If none of the listed conditions apply, you sign the form and are ready to start. If any of them affect you, as a safety precaution, a physician must examine you and sign a medical form that confirming that you’re fit to dive, dated within the last 12 months.
  • Our boat is located in Kos harbour, 50 meters away from the Dolphins roundabout. And she departs every morning apart Sundays’ at around 10:00 a.m.
  • Recommendations for flying after Scuba Diving: For 1 dive in a day the pre-flight time is 12 hours. For multiple dives in a day the pre-flight time is 18 hours and more.
  • Spectators can join the boat with an additional fee of 20 €. They can sunbathe on our sundeck, swim in crystal clear waters, or even upgrade onboard to snorkelers or even try divers.

The Rescue Diver course should be undertaken by those who are serious about diving, and caring for others. Instructors will be helpful and encouraging, but it is up to students to meet the standards required of all PADI Rescue Divers in order to receive certification. Training involves practical exercises and knowledge theory, in the same way that all PADI courses do. The practical side is the lion’s share in this course, however, and it really pays to get to grips with it in depth. During your Rescue diver course, you will cover:

  • The psychology of rescue
  • Preparation for emergencies
  • Accident management
  • Responding to diver emergencies
  • Self-rescue
  • Tired diver
  • Panicked diver
  • Response from shore or boat with both a responsive and unresponsive diver
  • Distressed diver underwater
  • Missing diver
  • Surfacing the unresponsive diver
  • Response at surface and exit
  • First aid for pressure related injuries and oxygen administration

Before starting module 2 of the Rescue Diver course, it is necessary that you have completed an Emergency First Response course within 24 months, or an equivalent ‘accepted’ certification including primary care (CPR) and secondary care (First Aid) within 24 months. The Rescue Diver Course takes you one step closer to the highest nonprofessional course of Master Scuba Diver rating, candidates can count themselves as amongst the most qualified and competent in any dive group, but as in every walk of life, a little discretion is usually a good thing! For those who want more, the PADI Dive Master course will draw on all your valuable knowledge and experience to facilitate your transformation into a PADI Professional. Working closely with an instructor for a period of weeks, this is a challenge on a whole new level. Step up and grab it!

Frequently Asked Questions for Rescue Divers

  • Q. 12 years old. 12-14 year old divers may earn the Junior Rescue Diver certification.
  • A. You can take your Advanced Open Water Diver course immediately after completing your Open Water course.
  • Q. Is Emergency First Respond a requirement for Rescue certification?
  • A. Yes, E.F.R. training must have been completed within 24 months, and may be completed along with the Rescue course.
  • Q. Do you offer any type of Rescue refresher?
  • A. Yes, we do offer Rescue refresher classes. For a nominal fee you can join in a Rescue Diver class in the open water to practice the skills you were taught in your original class.