F.A.Q. – Refresher Divers


Q. When does the dive boat depart?

Our boat “APOLLON” is situated in Kos Harbour very close to the dolphins roundabout. Our boat is open from 09:00 to check in passengers for our excursion. At 10:00 we request clearance from the Harbour Master and will depart at around 10:15. We arrive back to Kos Harbour at around 17:00.

Q. At what time do I need to be on the boat?

You need to be on the boat at 09:30 a.m. The boat departs from Kos harbor at around 10:00 a.m.

Q. Are you doing transfers from/to hotels?

Unfortunately no. There is the local public bus service you can use and of course taxi.

Q. What do I need to bring with me?

Don’t forget your dive certification and your log book. A jumper for the beginning and the end of season, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, a towel, a good pair of comfortable non-slip shoes (flip flops not advised). Extra money for snacks and refreshments and the optional extra facilities such as: CD for your underwater photos, T-shirts, Sweatshirts. If you tend to get motion sickness it is recommended that you take motion sickness pills prior to meeting the boat at the pier.
We will supply your equipment needs. However, most people who have their own diving equipment prefer to use their own. The choice is yours and is cheaper if you have your own equipment.

Q. How long is the journey to the dive site?

The journey to Pserimos Island is just 1 hour.

Q. Is lunch included?

No. But we have a fully stocked bar with a variety of sandwiches and snacks and cold drinks for sale at reasonable prices.

Q. How many dives can I make in one day?

It is possible to make two dives in one day. For the second dive you will pay on board.

Q. I am with a friend who is on the Discover scuba program will we be separated?

No, you will be all on the same boat. The only time that you will be separated is while you are diving.

Q. I am with a friend or girlfriend for holidays. Can I bring him/her with me on the Liamis Dive Boat?

Yes you can. Spectators can join the boat with an additional fee of 20 €. They can sunbathe on our sundeck, swim in crystal clear waters, or even upgrade onboard to snorkelers or even try divers.

Q. My family member or friend is on the Beginners scuba diving program can I dive with them?

Yes, you can. It will count as the dive you have booked. Later you can join in on the second dive with the certified divers (Optional extra).

Q. I forgot my diving certificate at home; can I join the certified divers?

Certified divers will have to provide us with their diving certificate.
Certified divers should know that if they cannot show proof of their diving experience they will be treated as beginner divers. The client can have their certificate faxed over to their hotel or emailed to our centre; this will also be sufficient proof.

Q. I have started a diving program but not yet completed it. Can I dive with qualified divers? Can I continue my course in your school?

You cannot dive with qualified divers because you need to have a certification card. You can continue your course in our school if you bring your progress documents and logs from your instructor. In case you have started your course in a diving organization different than PADI then you will cross-over, which means that your final certification will be a PADI certification.


Q. How many dives can I make in one day?

It is possible to make two dives in one day. For the second dive you will pay on board.

Q. At what depths will I dive to?

Refresher divers are diving at the depth of 12 meters.

Q. How long are the dives?

This question varies according to the person in question. Usually we average about 45 minutes per dive. Again, body size, health habits and movement under water play into this.

Q. What is the water temperature?

Water temperature: May 190 – 210, June 210 – 230, July 230 – 260 , August 250 – 270 , September 240 – 260. We use 5mm wet suits.

Q. Where do you dive?

We have dive sites all around the island of Pserimos and choose the best sites each day depending on weather conditions (mostly wind direction).

Q. How many do you take in a group?

We take a maximum of four refresher divers, on the refresher dive. So with small groups, you’ll receive the best possible attention from our staff.

Q. Are the dives guided?

Yes, all our dives are guided by a PADI professional Divemaster or Instructor. We have the friendliest and most experienced dive guides on the island.

Q. What are we likely to see?

Well, that depends on the critters on the day! We can usually guarantee an abundance of beautiful reef fish, the occasional octopus, moray eels, squirrel fish, cardinal fish, scorpion fish, sea bream and colorful wrasses. With visibility upwards of 15m, you don’t usually miss anything sneaking up behind you!

Q. What’s the minimum number to run a trip?

For economic reasons, unfortunately we don’t normally run a trip with one customer. It’s unusual, but if you have booked in advance and no one else can be found to dive on that day, we will move you to another day or give you a refund if we have to cancel due to lack of numbers. For a full explanation of our refund policies, please click here.

Q. How do you ensure dive safety?

We always man our boats with a first aid qualified captain during your dives and have oxygen and first aid on board and our dives are guided as standard so you’ll be looked after in the water.

Q. Are the participants insured?

Of course! Insurance contact is a necessary document to work legally. We are contracted with DAN (Divers Alert Network) and our contract is available anytime.

Q. Do I have to bring a buddy for diving?

Many divers travel and go on holiday on their own; it is a great way to meet people. Your guide for the day will pair you with another diver, and as best they can with someone of similar qualification, experience and air consumption. If there are odd numbers, you may end up pairing with your dive guide.

Q. How long must I wait after diving before flying?

For a single dive a minimum or 12 hours
For multiple dives a minimum of 18 hours.
Plan to dive early in your vacation to allow yourself time to do more if you wish.

Q. Can I dive immediately after flying?

Yes there are no requirements to wait after flying before diving. Flying, particularly long flights, can however cause fatigue and dehydration. Please ensure you are properly rested and well hydrated before diving.