PADI Wreck Diver Speciality Course

“Diving on wrecks means diving in the past – and it is always related with a certain thrill…”

It is an unbelievable experience to see a big ship from a bird’s perspective and to glide towards the captain’s bridge. But there are also tragedies related to wrecks.
Diving on wrecks is exciting and there are some potential risks too, but with the right training WRECK DIVING will become a great adventure.

During the Wreck Diver Speciality course you will learn where and how to get background information on wrecks, how to locate wrecks and how to prepare for a wreck dive. During the 2 mandatory dives you will apply the correct wreck diving techniques, as well as, evaluate and avoid the potential risks while diving on wrecks.


Knowledge development

  • Demonstrate practical wreck diving knowledge, including recognizing and avoiding potential hazards, and planning procedures that make wreck diving fun
  • Explain the historical value of wrecks, social and legal issues surrounding that value, and describe some of wreck diving’s implications, including the pros and cons of removing artifacts from wrecks
  • Plan and organize dives to safely explore wrecks found within depths and conditions as good as or better than those he has been trained in
  • Identify the hazards of wreck penetration diving and demonstrate the techniques and procedures required to minimize those hazards
  • During the 4 Open Water Dives segment participants are required to prepare their equipment, plan the dives and demonstrate good diving skills in that environment

4 open water dives


2 days / 4 dives


  • Inclusive of full equipment
  • Local Price: 275,00 €
  • Pre booking course price: 250,00 €
  • Certification fee: 45 €
  • Wreck Diver manual: 40 € (optional)


  • Adventure Diver or equivalent
  • Older than 15 years

*The elective Wreck dive from the Advanced Open Water Diver course may count toward the certification requirements for this specialty. You may also count this Speciality certification toward one of the five required Specialities for the Master Scuba Diver certification.


Snacks and drinks on boat trips (payable on the boat). Money for: CD for your underwater photos, T-shirts, Sweatshirts.

Important Note

  • For your personal safety, all student divers must complete a medical statement prior to commencing a dive. If none of the listed conditions apply, you sign the form and are ready to start. If any of them affect you, as a safety precaution, a physician must examine you and sign a medical form that confirming that you’re fit to dive, dated within the last 12 months.
  • Our boat is located in Kos harbour, 50 meters away from the Dolphins roundabout. And she departs every morning apart Sundays’ at around 10:00 a.m.
  • Recommendations for flying after Scuba Diving: For 1 dive in a day the pre-flight time is 12 hours. For multiple dives in a day the pre-flight time is 18 hours and more.
  • Spectators can join the boat with an additional fee of 20 €. They can sunbathe on our sundeck, swim in crystal clear waters, or even upgrade onboard to snorkelers or even try divers.

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If you have already completed parts of your course in another location you can get your final training and certification here. Please contact us for rates. Tips for Wreck Diving

  • Don’t go inside a wreck unless you are properly trained and equipped. It’s very easy to get disoriented inside a wreck and visibility can change.
  • Consider completing the PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Speciality course to avoid getting scratches or damaging the life that grows on the wreck.
  • Learn AWARE Fish Identification or PADI Underwater Naturalist course.

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