PADI Underwater Navigator

Knowing where you are and more importantly how to get to where you want, can be a real challenge underwater. Take the PADI Underwater Navigation Speciality and you can avoid the embarrassment of missing the reef, not finding the wreck and of course the shame of surfacing somewhere out there!

This course is designed to improve your skills in compass and natural navigation techniques, thus building your self-confidence and consequently your enjoyment of diving. Competent underwater navigational skills are an essential quality of a competent diver.


Knowledge development

  • Navigation patterns
  • Natural navigation (without a compass)
  • Compass navigation
  • How to “mark” or relocate a submerged object or position from the surface
  • Underwater map making
  • Dive site relocation
  • How to estimate distance underwater

3 open water dives


2 days/3 dives


  • Inclusive of full equipment
  • Local Price: 165,00 €
  • Pre booking course price: 150,00 €
  • Certification fee: 45 €
  • Underwater Navigator manual : 40 € (optional)


  • Open Water Diver, Junior Open Water or equivalent
  • Older than 12 years

The core Navigation Dive conducted during the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course may be counted toward this specialty.


Snacks and drinks on boat trips (payable on the boat). Money for: CD for your underwater photos, T-shirts, Sweatshirts.

Important Note

  • For your personal safety, all students divers must complete a medical statement prior to commencing a dive. If none of the listed conditions apply, you sign the form and are ready to start. If any of them affect you, as a safety precaution, a physician must examine you and sign a medical form that confirming that you’re fit to dive, dated within the last 12 months. Click here to view the form.
  • Our boat is in Kos harbour, 50 meters away from the Dolphins roundabout. And she departs every morning apart Sundays’ at around 10:00 a.m.
  • Recommendations for flying after Scuba Diving: For 1 dive in a day the pre-flight time is 12 hours. For multiple dives in a day the pre-flight time is 18 hours and more.
  • Spectators can join the boat with an additional fee of 20 €. They can sunbathe on our sundeck, swim in crystal clear waters, or even upgrade onboard to snorkelers or even try divers.

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If you have already completed parts of your course in another location you can get your final training and certification here. Please contact us for rates.

Tips for Underwater Navigation Improvement

  • Plan Ahead An important part of underwater navigation is gathering as much information about the location beforehand. Collect information about the expected scenario like large coral formations, rocks, drop offs, sandy patches, wreck size, and so on from experienced divers or dive operators in the area.
  • Draw a Map Map out the dive site on dive slate before you go and maybe chalk out an intended dive plan in the direction you want to go in for reference underwater. Sometimes just doing that helps you visualize the map in your head and you may not need to use the map. A good idea is once you’re diving the site you can note certain landmarks on your map to find your way back easily.
  • Know where your dive boat is Just like a car in a parking lot you need to make a note of where your dive begins, so as to return to the right spot. Make a mental note of the surroundings, any particular rock or coral formations where you first descend. Pay attention to the direction you can see the sun and remember what your dive boat looks like from under especially if there are more than one in the vicinity.

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